Photos in Slide Show: Lower Antelope Canyon

One of the great wonders of the American West is Antelope Canyon, within the Navajo Nation in northern Arizona. Parts of Upper and Lower Antelope Canyon form into “slot canyons”, one of Canyon Country’s most exquisite and unusual phenomena.

While the upper canyon is easily accessed on a flat trail entering a hillside, Lower Antelope is more challenging. You go “underground” through a crack by descending a ladder. The canyon itself its steeply downhill and winding, with numerous metal ladders and stairs. This makes photography a bit more challenging but also more exciting. Lower Antelope Canyon does not offer sunlight shafts, and photos have a different feel from Upper Antelope Canyon but the photo opportunities are equally fantastic, as shown on this page. Read the full story, “Lower Antelope Canyon – Photographers’ Fantasyland”.

Photo Tips: The best time to get photos would be at mid-day when the sun is high and can shine into the narrow canyon. Look for good lighting within the canyon. Strong sunlight and deep shadows can make it challenging to get good photographs. The canyon can be quite dusty so try to avoid changing lenses if you can. For more tips, please read the full article.

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