Photos in Slide Show: Vistas from Rocky Mountain National Park. All photos were taken on the trail system originating at Bear Lake. This is the most popular area of the park, featuring terrific scenery, relatively easy trails, and fast access to the high country.

The snow covered peaks of the Rocky Mountains are at their finest in Colorado’s Rocky Mountain National Park. The park offers a wide range of experiences, from broad valleys teeming with elk and deer, to gorgeous lakes at the foot of towering mountains, to the stark tundra world above timberline which comprises fully one third of the park. Visitors may cross the Continental Divide, a jagged crest of 12,000+ foot peaks, on the famed Trail Ridge Road, one of America’s greatest alpine highways reaching an elevation of 12,183 feet.

Photo Tips: Early fall offers excellent opportunities for shots with colorful foliage. The peak time is late September. However be prepared for sudden, extreme changes in weather during this time of year. As seen above, changeable weather also brings good photo opportunities.

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